To Do List For A Winter Move

If you decide to move during winter, you should follow the next tips. Weather, especially snow (in areas where winter is characterized by snow) can cause a lot of problems. However, hiring licensed residential movers Long Beach will make the task easier. This is, basically, your winter move to-do list:

  1. Keep an eye on the weather forecast. Winter weather can be unpredictable, and snowstorms can occur suddenly. Check the forecast once a week in the month your move. The week of your move, check it daily. If conditions get really bad, you should consider rescheduling.
  2. Keep in touch with your movers and contact them with one week before the move. This is always good to do as a rule of thumb, but it’s especially good to do in the winter, just to make sure you’re are syncing.
  3. Take some time to label all boxes correctly. Organizing should be the essential word for a move. Label your boxes, in order to know where to place all your belongings.
  4. Start packing as soon as possible. It is preferable to start early in the morning. Remember that in winter days get shorter and you should try to get advantage of every hour of light available. A winter move in the dark can be more challenging than you have expected.
  5. Keep your floors clean and dry. If you move on a snowy day or the ground is wet, lay down plastic tarps to protect the flooring before you start loading things in the transport vehicle. Slipping when you carry a very heavy piece of furniture is really unpleasant, and, in most of the cases, very painful.
  6. Wear proper clothing. Again, this may look like a no-brainer, but never underestimate the damage cold can do to your body. Get clothes that give you sufficient flexibility to maneuver, but also keep you warm.

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