Need Help To Pack and Move Heavy Furniture Pieces? Here are some tips!

Moving heavy furniture is an intimidating activity that can easily make a person crack under stress and too much physical effort. Moving companies in Long Beach can send a team of workers to help you. All you need to do is to contact them if you need help to pack and move heavy furniture pieces.  If you want to learn more about relocating furniture, here are some tips:

–  Evaluate and assess.  You will need to note what furniture items you posses and how heavy they are.  You will also movers companyhave to measure them and analyze if they can fit through doors and all corridors.  If you have couches, sofas, large pianos or closets, read more about them and how they can be properly packed.  If you want the help of a mover, you will need to send this data to the mover.

–  Clean your furniture. It’s not only about aesthetics, but it also has a practical purpose.  If you have dust covering your furniture, this dust, combined with moisture that can exist in the cargo hold of a truck, can do some serious damage to your items.

–  Disassemble the furniture. It is always better to have smaller components to carry. They will be less exhausting to move and will give you more options for packing.  You will need to be very careful and memorize where each component fits. If you have the user manual, this thing will be easy; otherwise it is better to take some photos.

–  Pack all component parts. Use proper boxes and containers. You will need large and medium boxes for large parts and small boxes for accessories or nuts and bolts. Label each box.

–  Use specially designed tools. Work can be done faster if you can use hand trucks or dollies to transport all your heavy furniture to the back of the truck.

–  Do not work alone. In most cases, furniture must be lifted and placed on the dolly with the help of other 2 or 3 persons.  Having assistance is essential if you want to relocate your furniture. So, why not to hire a mover which can provide specialized workers?

We have an extensive experience with moving all sort of heavy furniture. We can provide valuable assistance and we can help you relocate faster. Our services are of highest quality, at affordable prices. Visit our website!


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