How To Pack Your Garage For A Move

When it comes to packing before a move, the garage is usually the last room most of us pack. We put last because there are many things piled up and because the items in the garage are the most awkward and complicated to pack. Garages are full of tools, landscaping equipment and things we usually throw there and forget. Often, garages become the dumping ground for junk we don’t want in the house. But if you follow our simple guide on how to pack your garage for a move, things will become easier.  Movers in Long Beach are also available to answer your calls.

If you do not want to make things hard on yourself, prepare to pack the garage in advance. The garage will require a long time to be sorted out and packed up safely. Start the packing process as soon as your residential move has been confirmed.  Design a moving calendar and make sure the entry pack garage has a top priority status in it. In order to pack the entire content of a garage, make sure to have the following materials: cardboard boxes, rolls of bubble wrap, moving blankets, packing paper and/or newsprint, packing tape, plastic re-sealable bags, numerous zip ties, and a set of color markers.

Before moving, keep in mind that some garage items are forbidden for transportation for safety reasons, and moving companies will not get them for you. Items such as fuel, oils, paint and paint thinners, propane tanks, chemicals, car batteries, cleaning supplies and others are considered dangerous. Contact the company and ask about the list of forbidden items for transportation. If you find such items in the garage, get rid of them.  Recycle them or give them to friends or neighbors.

When packing items, place all smaller hand tools you have /screwdrivers, pliers, wrenches in a toolbox and keep them there during the house move. Most of the garage tools have their own toolboxes. If they don’t have, you should use sturdy cardboard boxes. Use old blankets, old towels or sheets of bubble wrap to cover the items with sharp edges or blades, Garden tools long handles should be grouped together and tied as a tight bundle, as well as protected with blankets or towels.
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