How To Pack Your Furniture For a Move

Whether you hire cheap residential movers Long Beach or you are loading and driving a truck yourself, getting your furniture ready for moving day can generate many headaches. Large pieces of furniture are far more complicated to pack than the rest of the household items. However, packing up your furniture and ensuring it arrives in good condition may be difficult, but not impossible. You simply need to be prepared and organized.  Check our simple guide on how to pack your furniture for a move.

properly-packedThe first thing you should do is to create a list of what you will be packing and moving. This will give you a written inventory and help you estimate how many and which packing materials you will need. Then you will need to create a list with packing materials.  On this list surely you will include sofa and mattress covers, packing tape, bubble wrap, plastic wrap, sheets of cardboard, furniture blankets, old towels and some rags. We also recommend you to visit a supply store and talk there more with the salespeople.  Listen to their recommendations.

Before you start packing the furniture, it is wise to clean it.  Dust and polish everything. Do not pack dirty furniture and bring it into your new home, because you will surely do not want to spend time cleaning it once you move. Also, make sure to clear the content of every furniture piece. Besides making it lighter to transport and maneuver, it will also prevent damages that may occur during transport.

Disassemble anything that can be dismantled and place it properly. You can always remove legs from sofas and tables, take out dining table leafs and remove the headboards and footboards from beds. If items are more complicated, you should check first for instruction manuals.  Then, you should wrap the disassembled furniture pieces and pack them in boxes. Also, now is the time to wrap mattresses, sofas and chairs in special plastic covers.

When the transportation time has come, line the floor of the moving truck with furniture blankets to protect the bottoms of your furniture.

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