Bedroom is the place where we keep our wardrobe, shoes, jewelry boxes, some electronics (TV, audio systems) and many other important and valuable items. It is no wonder that packing a bedroom for a move is considered to be one of the most difficult tasks during the whole relocation project. But if you choose to follow some simple guidelines, you will definitely save important time and you will be able to plan a successful operation.Read more

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Relocating to a new house can give extremely painful headaches and tremendous physical exhaustion. Nobody is too excited of doing this job, but nevertheless it is a vital task when moving to another residence. There are many things that can go wrong and if you offered to do this, pay as much attention as possible. Expensive porcelain vases, Victorian mirrors or other delicate items must not be brutally thrown in a box. Using raw strengthRead more

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Never work alone Unless you are a superhero, with increased physical strength, moving items from a place to another can be very exhaustive. Also lifting heavy objects, like fridges, closets or both tubs is not possible for a single individual.  There are some lifting cranes or devices able to help perform that task but you cannot find them at any appliance store. Never work with amateurs Calling your buddies to give a help might seemRead more

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