5 Mistakes to Avoid When Hiring Moving Companies in Los Angeles

cheap-la-moving-300x162Hiring a competent mover is crucial for the development of the whole relocation. Customers should be picky and choose only responsible movers that guarantee the safety of the move and the efficiency of the moving strategy. Despite these warnings, not all people bother to run a background check of the hired mover.

Choosing one of the many moving companies in Los Angeles may seem a pretty complicated business. Yes, there are plenty of competent movers, but we also have some companies that make this industry look bad.  Do not make these 5 mistakes to avoid when hiring moving companies in Los Angeles.

1)     Not visiting the website of the company. All reputable companies have their own website. We live in the information era and not providing info about a business looks extremely shady. The website of a company tells more about its offers, its policies and its pricing.

2)     Not asking for license or DOT number. These details help you verify if the company is authorized to perform moving services. It is crucial to request these details, do not forget to ask them otherwise there are great chances to work with the wrong people and end up with stolen goods.

3)     Not asking for an evaluation. Before the move actually starts, the company should provide an evaluator. This person will analyze the cargo and will approximate the number of labor hours and how much you will have to pay.  If the company does not send an evaluator, you may end up with paying a very expensive bill.

4)     Not reviewing the testimonials. People like to share their experiences. Check the ratings of the company and testimonials offered by ex-customers.

5)     Not having a back-up plan. Even if you trust the mover, you should always have a list with other reliable companies.

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