5 Essential Moving Supplies Necessary for a Los Angeles Move!

For any activity you must have the right tools and the right men. When moving to another place, you must procure moving supplies in advance. Everything your purchase must be of high quality and in sufficient quantity. If you are moving in Los Angeles, you need a minimum ahead planning to read more about weather and traffic condition.

moving2 (1)Do not forget to buy these 5 essential moving supplies necessary for a Los Angeles move:

1)     Boxes. Boxes come in all shapes and sizes. You must determine first how many boxes you will need. For that, you should do first an inventory list with all your household items.  For fragile items, buy boxes with thicker walls or double-walled boxes. You can also use the double-boxing technique.

2)     Plastic sealing bags. Plastic sealing bags will help you store small components, nuts and bolts, toothpaste tubes and other various miscellaneous small items.  Just make sure to label the bags accordingly.

3)     Furniture pads. Furniture pads will help you move heavy furniture items faster and easier. If you do not want to get exhausted really fast, use pads and ask several people to help you. Place pads under the furniture and maneuver them carefully.

4)     Plastic covers.  Purchase plastic covers to protect all leather furniture (couches, armchairs and sofas) and all bed upholsteries. You will have to clean those items before covering them.

5)     Labels. Labeling is a very important part of the process and it must be done immediately after a box is sealed. It is recommended that the box to be labeled by the same person that has packed the filled in the box with items. You can use markers or you can buy premade labels from store.  We recommend you the last option, since it will save you time.

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